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About me

Hi everyone! I'm a software engineer specialized on Web Developer covering the main development cycle areas (requirements management, analysis, design, implementation, and testing). I really feel passion about the quality of the software development process and its result. I'm a follower of development good practices, standards, patterns, clear designs. Enthusiastic about applying and sharing knowledge with teams that encourage a collaborative environment.

I graduated as an engineer at the University of Informatics Sciences (https://www.uci.cu/), in Havana, Cuba (2005-2010). During my student period I had results in R&D projects, among which are:

From 2010 to 2015 I dedicated myself to the Development of Geographic Information Systems as part of an R&D project at the same University. The following systems were implemented:

As part of the Project, we were able to obtain the following patents in the name of the University itself:

As a ProExpert LLC (https://www.liciel.fr/) member I developed a system to manage integral house inspections. It reduced business costs for home inspectors and provides a complete tool to automate the properties inspections. I created a web application to support the training of using the LICIEL systems.

As a member of Cicularnomics LLC I implemented A Real Tax Cut ( https://arealtaxcut.com) to educate the and investors about the Next Industrial Revolution.

Currently I develop web systems to automate business management on the Car Washing industry. My works helps Sonny's The Car Wash Factory to continue being the provider leader of Car Wash Control systems.


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