Hi, I'm Yenier

A web developer living in south Florida (USA) who welcomes you to this site.

I like to

Develop to make better the lives of others!

I'm an enthusiastic web developer. Passionate about the quality of the software development process and its result. Follower of good practices, patterns and clear designs. I love contributing to open source projects. I love working in a friendly team with collaborative environment that improve a robust software.


BackOffice system development to manage home inspections.

Development of a BackOffice Web Application for Home & Building Inspections.

Car Wash Management System

BackOffice System Development to manage Car Washes business.

Improvement of a Car Wash Tunnel Administration system. Online store development to sell car washes products by Sonny's clients.


Development of a web application to manage existing software documentation.

A Real Tax Cut


Development of A Real Tax Cut, a web application to educate the public and investors about the Next Industrial Revolution.

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